"Let me see generation times, will we hear children singing rhymes? Sweet memories gone by..."

12 November 2012

Noah & Gloria Dotson

We met, I really don't know where, I guess it's all the same 
Love grows in a village green as well as in a lane
I gently took her by the hand, and a glance at me she shot
She dropped a flower, I picked it up, it was a sweet forget-me-not
-- "Graceful & Charming" (Traditional)

Sixty-five years ago today, my grandparents Noah & Gloria Dotson were married in the Pastor's Study of the Eutaw Place Baptist Church by Reverend William Clyde Atkins.

Construction of the Eutaw Place Baptist Church was completed in 1871, located on the corner of Dolphin Street and North Eutaw Street.  In 1969, its name was changed to Woodbrook Baptist Church and moved to Stevenson Lane.  The building itself was purchased by the City Temple of Baltimore, and today is on the list of Baltimore landmarks.

But here's a little known fact:  Pop Pop and Mom Mom were married twice!  After Pop Pop was baptized in the Catholic Church, they remarried on January 15, 1950 at Saint Rose of Lima Church in Brooklyn, Maryland.

I posted these photos on Facebook last year, but thought I would share again.  They're from Pop Pop & Mom Mom's 35th anniversary party in 1982 at Captain Harvey's in Owings Mills.

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