"Let me see generation times, will we hear children singing rhymes? Sweet memories gone by..."

10 May 2012


I'm new to all this.  So please bear with me.

I've been posting to a family history "scrapbook" on facebook for just over a year now, but recently decided to try out a public blog instead.  Earlier this year, I put together two family history YouTube videos about particular ancestors, which were quite fun to work on, and allowed me a bit more flexibility than facebook normally would.  I'm not big into writing, so I doubt I'll be blogging with any sort of regularity.  We'll see how this works - jury's still out.

Anyway, in recent genealogy research news...

The 1940 U.S. Census was released back on April 2nd.  While ancestry.com, familysearch.org, et al., rush to index the census and thus make it searchable by name - a task that will likely take months to complete - I've so far found 3 out of my 4 grandparents, and along with them, 5 great-grandparents.  They were relatively (ha, ha) easy to locate because I knew their addresses in 1940.

The Campens & Coles, living at 1112 Eutaw Street in Baltimore, MD:

(Full-size image here)

Mom Mom was just 8 years old, living with her mother, Grace, age 34, who was working for Mutual Life Insurance as a switchboard operator;  her grandmother, Grace, age 54;  and her step-grandfather, Robert, age 51, who was chief cook at a mansion house (?).

The Paparellas, living at 515 Emory Avenue in Trenton, NJ:

(Full-size image here)
Grandmom was 19 years old, working as a dress maker in a factory.  Her father "Ralph", age 56, is listed as a road construction laborer.

And the Picarellos, living at 36 Altamawr Avenue in Lawrenceville, NJ:

(Full-size image here)
Grandpop was 20 years old, working as a laborer for a leather goods manufacturer.  His father Generoso, age 61, was a road construction laborer.  The family had moved recently, from living in Trenton in 1935.

Still missing is Noah Dotson, who I believed was still living in Virginia.  Since the census was released, I'd paged and paged through several likely counties, but hadn't found him.  Just yesterday, familysearch.org added their brand-new index for Virginia, and at the moment, Pop Pop, his mother, and his siblings are still M.I.A.  Other possible locations are either Maryland or Kentucky, neither of which are anywhere close to being indexed.

Also on my list to find are the Gallos, living somewhere in Trenton;  Clarence Campen, possibly staying at a Veterans' hospital;  and Lucy Jane Dotson, likely living in Kentucky.  The search (and wait) continues...

And on a side note, for those who don't know, I'm a big fan of Celtic music.  The title I chose for this blog comes from a Clannad song, "Let Me See":

Let me see generation times
Will we hear children singing rhymes?
Sweet memories gone by, they're gone by
Let me be wiser with my eyes
Let me see my love by my side
Let me see heaven

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